Two horses have been abandoned at my farm.  They arrived thin, frightened and wild.  It was clear that they have not received proper feeding, worming, vet care or hoof care for years. 

These horses were purchased by people who had never owned or cared for horses before.  They were in love with the IDEA of owning real mustangs.  They were NOT prepared for the actual work and money involved in properly taking care of their horses.  (When I asked why they didn't feed them hay or get their feet trimmed, they told me that in the wild, no one does that!)  As a result, the mustangs are not halter broke and cannot be handled.  Feet have not been trimmed in quite a while, but a trim or two should restore them to their proper length.  Worse yet, the halters they had on them were so tight that it rubbed sores into their faces.  I had to peel the halters off of them (ouch!).  Unfortunately, I didn't think to immediately put another properly fitted halter on them.

Fortunately, they respect fences, and do not crowd or get nasty with people.  Both love treats and will gently take them out of your hand, if fed over the fence.  Good manners at feeding time, no guarding of hay or feed.  Easy keepers once I wormed them.  Not comfortable with people in their pasture.

These are BLM horses, complete with freeze brand.  While waiting to see if adoption paperwork can be completed, I will continue working with them.  Main goal is to get properly fitting halters on both of them.  I can now pet them, feed them treats, walk among them, but they are not happy to see halters.  They flat out run away if they see a halter or leadrope. I am enjoying working with them .

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Breed:  BLM Mustang Brand:  04  017235
Age:  7 years    Sex:  geldingHeight:  15.1? hands

Captured in 2006 from the Coyote Creek Alvord Tule HMA.  At first glance, I called him a bay.  Then I realized that he is actually a red dun. He's got a very solid dark line down his spine.  He's also got a shadow cross over his withers.  Dorsal stripe and tiger striping on his legs can be seen in some of these pictures. 

Legend is at the top of the pecking order.  He is not aggressive about his feed, but it is obvious that he gets first choice of hay and feed bowl.  Once properly trained, he strikes me as the "Steady Eddie" type of horse.  He likes to play and is quick to accept an invitation to do so, but calms down quickly, when asked to.

Will need more work with haltering as the prior owners were using a yearling sized halter on him that left quite a few sores.  You can safely approach him and pet him, but putting a halter on takes time and patience.  He is very determined never to wear a halter again.  I am very determined to put a halter on him....

Breed:  BLM Mustang Brand:  03 017221
Age:  8 yearsSex:  geldingHeight:  14.3 hands

Captured in 2006 from the Coyote Creek Alvord Tule HMA.  He's a dun.  Has the line down his back and tiger stripes on his legs.  Tiger stripes will be more obvious once he sheds his winter coat. 

He's the type of horse who would excel if matched with a calm, unflappable rider whose style is very clear and doesn't change from day to day.  Shilah, especially, would benefit from natural horsemanship and desensitizing training.

Casual, laid back, not in a hurry to get anywhere, but will be happy to do so if you tell him to.  I strongly suspect that once trained under saddle, he'll be the type of horse that you can ride once a week or once a month and he'll be the same mellow kind of guy.

Doesn't crowd you or get aggressive at feeding time.  He had a poor fitting halter on him, so will need some work to make him easy to halter.  I can now approach him and pet him, but putting a halter will require time and patience. 

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