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Why Border Leicesters?
They are a true dual purpose breed, great for both mild tasting meat and high quality, high lustre wool.  Their mild temperament and thoughtful nature makes them easy to manage.

My sheep are expected to lamb in the field on their own.  They are expected to twin or better from their second lambing on.  They must be good mothers who carefully tend to their lambs.

Furthermore, they are expected to do this with minimal interference from me, their shepherd.  To learn more about border leicester sheep, please visit

My animals are not given any steroids or special feed to make them grow faster, bigger, or have extra meat.  Their heartiness is due to care, attention and excellent management.

All livestock are free ranging in clean, well maintained fields.  Although sheep can survive in any temperate climate, they will not be at their best without a proper diet.  I provide hay, grain, and minerals as needed.  Regular vet visits are scheduled for quality and health maintainance.

Blood Lines
Pedigrees and proper documentation assure you that you are purchasing animals that meet or exceed what is advertised.

Recently, I've had the good fortune to acquire several ewes that are the results of LAI (laparoscopic artificial insemination).  This gives me access to some of the top bloodlines from Australia, New Zealand, and England.  I only use show quality rams on all my ewes to maximize the quality of the lambs.

Care is taken to avoid inbreeding.  In addition, animals that don't meet my standards are isolated, sold as pets, or go in my freezer.  This culling of livestock is a requirement for any quality breeder.

If you select any animal for purposes the animal is not intended, I will inform you of this. 

However, the quality of my stock is sufficiently high that most "poor choices" have turned out to be excellent buys for the purchaser.

Last, but very important, is the small farm atmosphere.  I see all the livestock every day, so problems are seen early and isolated quickly.  With personal attention, you are purchasing proven quality, and not just a "healthy-looking survivor".

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