Humbug Farm
Holly Springs, NC 27540

Kate Shirley, Shepherd
Ph. (919) 557-0471       email: Kate@humbugfarm.com

Humbug Farm was established in 1993.  The name is a play on sheep (as in baaaa humbug!).  Since its beginning the farm has grown in both livestock and acreage.

Humbug Farm raises Border Leicester sheep for show and sale.  Of course, by-products such as wool, lamb, and finished goods from their renewable fleeces are also available.

Humbug Farm also raises Nubian and Saanen dairy goats for milk.  I've fallen in love with cheesemaking.  Currently, I am experimenting with flavored chevre.  I do make some savory flavors, but I'm having fun expanding my line of fruit flavored chevre.  It's great used on sandwiches in place of mayonnaise.

Farming on a small scale (less than 50 acres) is far from an exact science.  Seasons, weather, current sales, breeding time and coyotes all cause product availability to change from week to week.
What's New for 2014
As of May 20, 2011  ALL sheep & goats two years of age and older are test negative for OPP/CAE & Johnes
Here I am pictured with a young lamb.  It all started with sheep.  I love them!   

Sheep are why my farm is named "Humbug Farm"....as in baa Humbug!

Later on, I added horses, briefly had cows, and then fell in love with dairy goats.  Those rascals are fun to watch and handle.  Their milk is quite tasty, too!

Thank you to all my customers who support
Humbug Farm & Mooning Goat Dairy

If you'd like to purchase soap, yarn, or blankets you can pick up from the farm by making an appointment (weekends only).

You can also schedule a pick up at any event that I'm going to.

If you are not local, I ship soap, yarn and blankets. 
Email me for details.

Genesis UMC Christmas Shopping Spree
Saturday, November 8                  9 am to 4 pm
High House Rd, Cary, NC