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I started making goat milk soap shortly after getting my first goats.  I grew up with severe allergies to the commercial detergents used for bathing.  My hands would crack and peel so badly that I didn't have fingerprints for much of my childhood.  This was very painful and embarassing.  The doctors prescribed some expensive hand creams and bath products.  Little did I know that all I needed was good old fashioned SOAP.

Most people haven't noticed that many of the bath products sold in the stores are actually detergents.  They smell great, lather under almost any conditions and often have emollients added to them to counteract the harshness of some detergents.  For those of us with allergies or skin sensitivities, this can be a nightmare. 

In case you are wondering if the current bar of cleaning product you are using is soap or detergent, look on the label. Legally, it can only say "soap" if it meets the FDA definition of soap (see next paragraph).  Most detergent based products call themselves "beauty bars", "bath bars", "moisturizing bars", etc.

Soap, as defined by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is simply "alkalized fats".  This means that fats/ oils have been exposed to an alkaline substance which converts the fats/ oils into SOAP.  Plain old everyday soap.  What should be left after the chemistry is done is soap and glycerin.  There should never be excess lye (NaOH) left in the soap.  This renders it useful only for removing paint, in my opinion!

I've never wanted to do things the basic way, so I've added some goodies to my soaps to make them feel even better. The results are soap that I think smells good, feels good yet is still good SOAP.  It's sole purpose is to clean you.  My goal is to have it make you feel good, too.

Goat Milk Soap
For those of us who like fine handcrafted items.  Each bar of soap has rich milk from my own goats.  I use only vegetable oils and fats for my soaps such as olive oil, coconut oil, castor and palm oil.  I also add oatmeal and honey for their benefits to skin.
I chose to make them round because I feel it is more comfortable in my hands.  And I like to be different.

Cost:  $6.00 per bar
three or more bars are $5.50 each
if ordered direct from me via Paypal invoice or pick up in person
Current Scents
(underline = 100% essential oils)
(Green = Limited Edition)

How do I order soap?

You have two options:  

1)  Paypal: This option lets you pay for your order by credit card or from your checking account through Paypal's secure website.  I never have to see your information (other than shipping and order details).   

Just email me a list of your order and I can send you an invoice via Paypal.  Once payment has cleared, I will package up and ship your soaps to you.  

I charge a flat rate of $9 to ship using this method.  Soap is heavy, so the more you buy, the cheaper per bar it is for you.

2)  Visit my Etsy shop:  HumbugFarm  It's faster as you can just click on the items in my store and Etsy will figure total and shipping for you and you can pay through Etsy.  Note that prices are a tad higher on Etsy due to Etsy fees and they charge exact shipping.