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Life on a farm is never dull.  I've now entered the world of goatkeeping, cheesemaking and will be exploring soapmaking with goat milk.  I never thought I'd actually enjoy getting up every morning to milk the girls, but I love it (despite not being a morning person).  There's just something about the quiet stillness of morning while milking.

While I'm not a morning person, I did enjoy the girls.  My first three goats were nubians:  Bittersweet, Silver, and Wasabi.  All had their own unique personalities.  Bittersweet was a good old gal.  We initially had major differences of opinion on the milking stand.  Then she became a delight to milk.  Wasabi was a nervous nelly who truly likes people and loves to get into trouble.  Her endearing personality was guaranteed to melt the sternest heart.  Silver, alas, was somewhat lacking in the brain cells department.  Her good nature and calm demeanor were valued assets around here.  Not much got her upset and she loved her chin rubs.

I enjoy the Nubians' personalities so much. The Roman noses, long floppy ears and a schmorgasbord of colors are so much fun.  I'm never entirely sure what colors and patterns I'm going to get.  

I do breed most for good conformation and temperament.

Many years ago, I had dogs wander up my quarter mile long driveway, climb over a solid wood wall that was four feet tall and slaughter most of my goats.  I wrote about it while recovering from the horrible event.  When people ask why I am rabid about not allowing people to bring their dogs to my farm, I point them to the link shown below.  It is emotional, so not recommended reading if you are sensitive. 
Calamity Strikes.  Dogs attack my goats and slaughter them.  All but one were killed or had to be put down.  Click on the link below to read about Wasabi:  the Gold Plated Goat.
Wasabi, the Gold Plated Goat
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