Life on a farm is never dull.  I've now entered the world of goatkeeping, cheesemaking and will be exploring soapmaking with goat milk.  I never thought I'd actually enjoy getting up every morning to milk the girls, but I love it (despite not being a morning person).  There's just something about the quiet stillness of morning while milking.

While I'm not a morning person, I have been enjoying the girls.  My first three goats were nubians:  Bittersweet, Silver, and Wasabi.  All had their own unique personalities.  Bittersweet was a good old gal.  We initially had major differences of opinion on the milking stand.  Then she became a delight to milk.  Wasabi is a nervous nelly who truly likes people and loves to get into trouble.  Her endearing personality is guaranteed to melt the sternest heart.  Silver, alas, was somewhat lacking in the brain cells department.  Her good nature and calm demeanor were valued assets around here.  Not much got her upset and she loved her chin rubs.

We've all survived our first kidding season together.  Three beautiful boys (darn it!) are the results of kidding.  Bittersweet's buck, Toblerone is a delight.  He's never met a stranger and loves to come up for chin rubs.  Nowell, Wasabi's kid, is much shyer.  His calm quiet demeanor and chocoloate brown spots are wonderful.  Silver's kid was named Harry by a visitor.  Harry is as easy to get along with as his mom.  He is tan with a white belt and white spots. Nowell and Harry went to their new home in June.

Last year, I milked once a day in the morning and left the kids on them during the day.  The kids went to their own private suite at the end of the day.  This allows me to avoid bottle feeding kids which takes up a lot of time with feeding and cleaning bottles.  I truly don't believe that allowing the kids to nurse the doe will ruin the udder, though it does cut down on the milk available for my own use.. 

I've enjoyed the Nubians' personalities so much.  However, I'd like to have a little more milk.  I chose Saanens and happily purchased Wilmington who is petite but delightful.  She is delightfully inquisitive and the first to follow me around.  Next I purchased Sam (short for Samala which means "asked of God") from Old Dominion Dairy.  Sam is my ideal goat.  Everyone else now has a tough act to follow.
Calamity Strikes.  Dogs attack my goats and slaughter them.  All but one were killed or had to be put down.  Click on the link below to read about Wasabi:  the Gold Plated Goat.
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